A place to grow, a space to breathe

Imagine a thriving and inclusive community that encompases all that is good about West Oxfordshire. A community with its own strong and distinctive character and identity which embraces and celebrates its rural setting and local heritage. Salt Cross will be known for all of this and more. 

A village renowned for its emphasis on the environment and its approach to tackling the challenges of climate change ‘head-on’ by adopting a zero-carbon community for the 21st century. 

The perfect setting for wildlife and people to flourish together. Those who live here will enjoy a good quality of life, with affordable, attractive and energy efficient homes set within leafy, walkable neighbourhoods.  With extensive green space including a new biodiverse country park, the village will be supported by a range of facilities including schools, leisure and recreation facilities and local shopping opportunities. 

Those who work here will enjoy a broad range of employment and training opportunities with high quality business space in an attractive rural setting. The village will offer reliable and integrated public transport and ‘future proofed’ broadband infrastructure to enable and encourage high rates of home and remote working. 

Those who visit will experience a strong sense of place, will be able to easily and safely find their way around, enjoy a broad range of different activities and opportunities and leave wanting to return.

Building a community for the future

The garden village will be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together safely through shared interests and activities.


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